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6 Best AI Scheduling Assistants 2023

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The Best AI Scheduling Assistants are not so easy to find among a huge number of their not always sufficiently useful analogues, where effective management of the team and its time is crucial. With the workload that falls on us every day, proper planning of your work and weekend is of paramount importance. Such services will not only make your life easier with their functionality and the opportunities provided, but they will also do it thanks to the built-in Artificial Intelligence. It provides real-time tracking of your progress. All this reduces a huge amount of your time, which is so valuable in the modern world.

Understanding AI Scheduling:

To understand the value of this product, it is important to delve into its operating concept.

AI Scheduling is a tool that can help you reduce repetitive work like scheduling identical tasks for everyone, reduce administrative burden, and make data-driven decisions about your schedule.

Imagine having a personal assistant who can analyze your daily commitments and responsibilities, understand your preferences and suggest the best time slots for meetings and tasks. This is the essence of AI scheduling, and it can greatly improve your daily productivity.

AI co-pilot planning consists of several extremely important components, each of which is crucial to its functionality:

  • Calendar Integration: It integrates seamlessly with your existing calendar platforms such as Google Calendar, Outlook or Apple Calendar.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Your personal assistant uses NLP to understand your speech, whether written or spoken. This ensures that your assistant will be able to understand your message and follow your instructions accordingly.
  • Suggestions: Your intelligent assistant can suggest something based on the data received from you, based on your availability, preferences and the presence of participants at the meeting. This takes into account factors such as time zones and location.
  • Automatic reminders: The ability to send reminders to you and your colleagues.
  • Privacy and Security: Ensuring the confidentiality of your data is one of its main tasks. A reliable planning assistant with artificial intelligence should have robust security measures in place to protect your confidential information.
  • Machine learning algorithms: Your assistant is constantly learning, based on your preferences and the information he receives from you.
  • Setup: The assistant is configured by you personally, for maximum ease of use and efficiency of your collaboration.

ClickUp AI

6 Best AI Scheduling Assistants 2023: ClickUp AI Review

ClickUp AI is an excellent project management tool based on artificial intelligence, which, according to developers, increases efficiency and productivity.

In just a few seconds, he can summarize a large amount of information, including meeting minutes and comment topics. By doing this, you can save time, because there is no need to read a huge text and at the same time catch the essence of the conversation. In addition, the ClickUp AI can quickly extract actions and information from documents and tasks. This is your personal co-pilot.

Thanks to the built-in personal copy editor, the platform also emphasizes the quality of communication, making sure that your letter is clear, concise and interesting. ClickUp AI provides a well-prepared structure, using tables suitable for many other people who want to professionally display content. However, the ability of ClickUp AI to inspire innovation lies in its true strength.

It is a useful ally when developing campaign ideas, naming functions, creating survey questions, or organizing an event. It will even help you come up with marketing slogans, expanding your creativity. In addition, ClickUp AI offers project summaries, as well as the creation of tasks and subtasks for business teams.


  • Advanced integration: More than 1,000+ project management and CRM tools.
  • Customization and automation: More than 35 ClickApps applications for automating tasks and assigning sprint points.
  • Live chat and communication: Optimize collaboration with multiple performers and comment threads for any task.
  • Multiplatform availability: Available on macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, iOS and web browsers.

Read out ClickUp Review or visit ClickUp


6 Best AI Scheduling Assistants 2023: ClickUp AI Pricing

G2 rating

6 Best AI Scheduling Assistants 2023: ClickUp AI G2


Timehero Review

TimeHero is an excellent AI—based task management platform that offers a more rational approach to planning your work and project administration.

This tool rationally uses your working time for efficiency when working on projects, depending on your availability, and not just when deadlines come. The TimeHero scheduling tool automatically updates data for each user (employee) in real time if there are any changes in the plan or in the execution conditions.

In addition, it has powerful time tracking features that allow you to set a timer from anywhere and update schedules immediately after completing a task. It also offers project forecasting so that you can anticipate how schedules will evolve in the future and make smart decisions regarding job reallocation and the accuracy of the estimate.

In addition, it provides smooth interaction through Zapier with more than 1000 well-known applications, including those from Google and Microsoft.


  • A clever Inbox for staying on top of things: quickly add tasks to the Inbox when you don’t have a project to add them to, or you want to sort them out later.
  • Smart projects are designed to keep everything on track. In TimeHero, timelines really matter. Tasks use the start and due dates of projects to plan along with any dependencies. If the start time of the projects changes, the tasks are rescheduled. If the due date changes, the task may be reprocessed.
  • Smart autonomous recurring tasks. Unlike typical recurring events, our recurring tasks plan themselves within a repeated timeframe.
  • Track and understand workload and capacity. It is easy to see how you and your team are spending their time in the past, present, and even how their time is planned in the future.
  • Easily manage teams to get things done early. TimeHero is built with teams in mind. Never before have you been able to get clarity into what people are actually working on and forecast how busy they will be in the future.
  • Smart workflow builder. Use workflow templates to quickly launch projects you do all the time. Link starts and due dates for other tasks or events.
  • Guest and reviewer accounts. A filtered account with just the information from projects you want your guests to see. Hide specific tasks, events and tabs.
  • Connect with the apps you use daily. TimeHero has several native integrations and works with Zapier to connect with over 1500 of the most popular apps you use.


Timehero Pricing

G2 Rating

Timehero G2


Calendly Review

(AI Only Beta)Calendly is a tool that allows users to create free time slots in their calendar that other people can use to schedule meetings or consultations. Simplifying the process of scheduling and coordinating meetings, avoiding complex correspondence by email or phone is the main goal of Calendly.

The calendar users can customize a user’s calendar with different time intervals, dates and availability. Then he can provide other people with a link to his calendar so that they can choose a convenient time for themselves and make an appointment. The service also integrates with various calendar applications, such as Google Calendar and Outlook, to automatically synchronize created appointments.

Calendly is widely used in the business environment, especially for organizing meetings, consultations and demonstrations of products or services. This tool greatly facilitates the process of organizing and managing the schedule


  • Calendar Synchronization: Automatically syncs meeting schedules with connected calendars.
  • Setting availability rules: Allows users to pre-set availability rules for meeting scheduling.
  • Communication Channel Selection: Users determine which channels to use for scheduling meetings, such as phone calls, video conferences, or in-person meetings.


Calendly Pricing

G2 Rating

Calendly G2


Asana Review

Asana is a service for your daily routine and projects. The service allows you to work together. This tool is designed to organize project management and manage your time competently. Astana provides its own digital workspace where users go on a free float: create, assign and prioritize tasks, set deadlines and work in a team, which may also be a disadvantage for inexperienced users.

However, all information on using this service is available in the help center on the official website. Acana is widely known within the community of people who use planners with its customizable interface and user-friendly features that increase your efficiency and the level of communication within your team. It has become popular with a huge range of organizations and ordinary users, from small businesses to large corporations, to optimize their work processes and improve project management. 

The recent updates to Asana primarily focus on the trending concept of artificial intelligence (AI). In October 2023, the company introduced fresh “intelligent” functionalities (intelligent fields, intelligent editors, intelligent summaries) and also unveiled a forthcoming set of features. 

These new tools can execute various tasks akin to those performed by typical generative AI chatbots like ChatGPT. They may generate text based on your instructions or extract keywords and concepts from the text you provide.


  • Efficient interface. A concise and operationally efficient interface with minimal clicks is required.
  • Multi-project support. It provides all the necessary tools to work on multiple projects simultaneously, offering a wide range of features.
  • Customizable tasks and tags. Numerous customizable task parameters and user-friendly tags are available.
  • Visual calendar. The calendar feature is exceptionally well-implemented, visualizing tasks for each day. This allows team members to quickly identify their tasks for the day.
  • Free for 15 users. There is a free version available for up to 15 users, although it comes with limited functionality.


Asana Pricing

G2 Rating

Asana G2


Todoist Review

Todoist is a tool for managing tasks and administrating projects. Designed to organize teamwork and competent organization of the work schedule.

The main element of this service is tasks. Tasks contain many functions: title, description, deadline and tags. There is a tab for planning more upcoming tasks: “Upcoming”. In it, the user can schedule tasks for certain days. Routine tasks can be duplicated immediately for weeks and months.

Teamwork in Todoist is the joint work of the entire team in a single interface, for which tasks are changed at the same time. There are many options for interaction between the manager and the team, knowing deadlines, communicating inside dashboard b and many other options for using this service. 

You can look at the work process, the number of completed tasks not yet started, and the time spent at work. Viewing a project in the form of a whiteboard allows you to see it in the context and plan your future actions.


  • Natural Language Understanding: The built-in artificial intelligence understands tasks in natural language and recognizes deadlines.
  • Collaboration: Todoist offers collaboration features for projects requiring teamwork. You can assign tasks personally to each team member, leave comments and share projects, contributing to effective teamwork.
  • File attachments: There is a function for attaching files and documents to tasks, which makes it convenient to store related materials and links to them.
  • Reminders and Notifications: Todoist sends its users reminders and notifications to help us stay up to date on tasks. Reminders can be personalized according to preferences.
  • Integration: Todoist cooperates with a wide range of third-party companies and services, including Trello, GitHub, Asana, etc. This will allow you to easily transfer data from all your services.
  • Cross-platform: Todoist can be used on multiple platforms, including Web, mobile (Android and iOS) versions and desktop (Windows and macOS). Your tasks will be synchronized with all devices.
  • Security: Todoist secures your data through two-factor authentication.


Todoist Pricing

G2 Rating

Todoist G2


Kronologic is an online service for managing your calendar, which will help companies add labels to their calendars in real time and help plan the time for single-users. This service will be useful for both large companies and small businesses to reduce the time for scheduling meetings and calls. This software eliminates a lot of problems, including hiring workers to perform routine work.

Managers can rely on Kronologic to send messages about important meetings, which will allow sellers to receive invitations only to important meetings. The automatic scheduling feature will significantly reduce the time for tracking events, allow you to expand your existing accounts and much more. The ability to have multiple active accounts can also be increased by using optimized templates that will make it easier to hold more scheduled meetings. Another important feature of Kronologic is its active integration with existing CRM tools for effective tracking of your projects.


  • Appointment Reminders. Automatic sending of reminders about scheduled meetings and events.
  • Campaign Management. Managing a company from one place. The ability to set tasks for all employees at once.
  • Employee Scheduling. The ability to give tasks personally for each employee, and for a group at the same time for all or groups.
  • Real-time Scheduling. All changes in the work schedule, Set tasks and updating your notes at once for everyone, as soon as you applied them.


Kronologic Pricing

G2 Rating

Kronologic G2

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