7 Best Redaction Software

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This post contains the Best Redaction Software in 2024. Programs for editing various types of data are collected here. Video, audio, pdf and others. Programs erase metadata and everything you need within the capabilities of these programs.


Relativity (formerly kCura) is a cloud-based electronic search software that provides address estimation, fact management, analytics, production, analytical processing and legal protection within a suite of Android and iOS applications.
Relativity has a legal save feature and provides users with a template library for creating notifications and stop messages. It also allows you to create customized questionnaires, including conditional questions, warnings, and feedback forms. Extensive automation capabilities that eliminate manual workflows, reduce the number of human errors and accelerate artificial intelligence-based analysis, allow you to get to work with the most important documents faster.

Why Relativity?

Thanks to artificial intelligence, large packages of documents or individual documents can be translated into more than 100 languages without leaving the platform. RelativityOne is available in 17 countries, including the countries with the most reliable protection against unauthorized access, and requires significant investments in SaaS-based infrastructure. RelativityOne also uses a number of text analysis techniques, including duplicate search, clustering, language detection, keyword matching, and similar document detection. Relativity makes it easier to search for electronic data. Data processing in Relativity can be carried out using Relativity software or other Relativity data processing mechanisms – an ideal tool for organizing case materials, legal research and document retrieval.

The processing and viewing functions are excellent and can be adapted to any type of task or workflow. It has a number of built-in tools that allow you to view data at the macro or micro level, depending on your needs. In just 20 minutes of training, any lawyer or legal assistant can easily learn how the system works, apply the basic code and make changes to it.

Relativity provides efficient and thorough document analysis. In addition, saved search results can be easily classified and linked to each of them by a specific person or a specific aspect of the search results. This makes it easier for users to find the documents that best suit their needs.

We found a brief overview of Relativity on YouTube, for a more detailed understanding of the program, we recommend watching, however, it is worth noting that the 2019 review.

After using Relativity, we found a lot of reviews from real users and on the official website. Therefore, now it is worth noting the pros and cons of this service.

Relativity Pros & Cons

Best Redaction Software: Relativity


There are a huge number of built-in tools for interacting with data at the micro and macro levels.


The interface is not completely clear at first and it will take time to get used to the interface, but after mastering it, you will be able to scale your business. There will also be a huge number of features for managing your data.

iDox.ai Redact

This service is designed for editing and recognizing text, numbers and images using artificial intelligence. It is also especially necessary for businesses that store personal information.

Idox.AI is a software that uses it to reduce the volume of documents. It will help to identify and delete information from legal documents. This software is designed to reduce the likelihood of human error to improve document security and ensure confidentiality. Using the service will help businesses maintain data privacy and security. Users can also view and compare multiple versions of edited data to identify differences or inconsistencies between them.

Pros & Cons


  • A large number of integration options
  • High level of data security
  • The ability to compare and view files


  • Editing is not always perfect, because it is based on algorithms.
  • The price may seem unsuitable for some users.


Starter Plan ($350 per year)

This includes 3000 pages / year – no cap on # of documents. Scan over 47 different file formats. AI-powered redaction features

Premium Plan ($750 per year or $79 per month)

50,000 pages / year – no cap on # of documents. Scan over 47 different file formats. AI-powered privacy protection features. Share workflow with up to 5 users. Customizable compliance templates.

Enterprise Plan ($990 per year)

Redact unlimited documents. Scan over 47 different file formats. AI-powered privacy protection features. Personalized Al for Redaction. Deploy on your cloud. Collaborate to unlimited users. Customizable compliance templates

Extract Systems

Best Redaction Software: Extract

Extract Systems specializes in the field of information processing. This software will allow you to sort data, edit and the list of features does not end there. Extract developers claim that using their system will greatly facilitate your routine work, which AI will help you cope with.

Our passion is to allow your organization to be the best it can be, whether that means delivering better treatment and diagnosis decisions or ensuring access to public records.

We do this by tailoring our solution to our customers’ needs, freeing them of the chore and inherent risks of manually sifting through disorganized documents and dense, unstructured text.

Extract Systems

The platform is aimed at automating processes with documents. Based on artificial intelligence, it will allow you to sort, extract and edit information. The work of AI will make it much easier to interact with documents.

The data analysis algorithms in Extract are a fairly flexible tool. When working, forms and templates are not needed, according to the developers, it works like a person and sees the document with his eyes. Everyone can adapt their work environment to suit themselves, thanks to the flexibility of the workspace. Whenever possible, the algorithm checks the data in existing sources to identify errors in order to exclude errors due to human focus. Scalability will ensure easy data output from the originals in any size.

Pros & Cons


  • A free demo version is available.
  • Scalability.
  • Automation of processes using AI.



Redactable is an editing tool that uses AI to edit images, videos, and text to maintain privacy in your documents. Thanks to automatic editing, you can save a lot of resources and time. AI technology is used for this. Thanks to a lot of research, the Redactable team was able to provide the best user experience with minimal effort and without compromising sensitive data.

The “Editing Wizard” provides the ability to edit documents with one click. According to the developers of Redactable, editing a ten-page document takes only two and a half minutes. Using cloud technology, Redactable software minimizes the risk of virus attacks. And a more advanced Corporate Plan will allow you to get a new level of security. In

It permanently removes confidential information, hidden elements and metadata from your legal documents or pdf files before you share them or distribute them to other users.


There are 9 price options for Reactable users. They are divided into three main ones: For Occasional Use, for companies, and for large redactions. They, in turn, also include several levels of privileges, it is easier to see this in the screenshots.

Pros & Cons


  • Extensive automation of work with documentation.
  • Cloud data storage.
  • Temporary free version.


  • The price can be high for small companies and individual entrepreneurs.
  • It takes time to get used to the user interface.


Best Redaction Software: Axon

Axon assistant, will allow you to edit your materials accurately. Provides the function of background editing of the footage, which will make their work easier for their users. This tool also integrates perfectly with other Axon products.

Axon offers a wide range of services that will amaze your imagination, just walk around the site and find what you need.

Key Features

  • Able to show up to 20 faces at the same time
  • Can change numbers and images on MDT screens
  • Provides the ability to automatically and manually scale the image
  • Capable of processing recorded material in the background


All pricing information is available on the official website. For information, you need to contact the sales department directly.

Objective redact

Best Redaction Software: Objective Redact

Objective is a software that allows you to delete all confidential information at an affordable price. Deletion includes metadata, hidden code, creation dates, authors, and other characteristics. Always saves the original document without changing it, while creating a modified copy. All confidential information is permanently deleted.
Supports secure storage of all types of documents, both edited and original. Also available on older versions of Windows (7, 8, 10).

This tool can find structured information, specific words, and more. Saves you time by mass editing a large number of files and groups of documents.

There is a free trial version.

Pros & Cons


  • Batch processing.
  • Recognizes text for copying printed documents.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is available for use by up to 20 users.


  • Needs to be hosted.


The price is available on request.


Best Redaction Software: CaseGuard

CaseGuard is an editing tool that can be used to extract data from audio, video, graphic, and pdf files. This tool is more focused on video editing. It can easily identify address signs and license plates on cars on the records and blur them.
This assistant will be able to edit pdf files. CaseGuard will remove all confidential information from all types of documents, both bank records and many others, including credit card numbers and email IDs.
CaseGuard will quickly edit a large number of files, which will quickly remove the information you need from a huge number of pages, photos, videos, and audio files.

Main features:

  • Editing videos, documents, audio recordings and images
  • Machine detection of important details in images and videos
  • Decryption of video files in 40 different languages.

For whom?
This tool is suitable for companies that actively use video editing. Automatic detection of faces, street signs and car license plates. Also for those companies that constantly work with files that require the secrecy of some details.
Pros & Cons


  • Generates already edited transcripts of video and audio.
  • Automatic recognition of faces, street names, license plates, and other important details in the video.
  • Edits personal information from documents.
  • Free trial period.


  • The application is local, not cloud-based.


This is a preview of the price range, different plans include different features, which will be easier to find out more about on the website.

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