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ClickUp vs Todoist: Choose The Best One in 2024

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ClickUp vs Todoist. Find the best way for yourself and your team to organize. In this post, we will consider both the cons and the pros of each of the services. I will tell you who it is more suitable for and why you need to choose one of these two.


Looking at all the possibilities of this assistant, it is not at all clear what to do. It feels like this “miracle service” has everything you need and not quite. However, looking a little inside, you find everything you need and even more. ClickUp combines a lot of different features, looking at which you get the feeling that they will cope with everything without you, and most likely it will seem to you that this is too much for you.

Therefore, I will say that the service is not suitable for all users, because for a task manager, the main advantage is ease of use (detailed overview of the ClickUp). For a beginner, this is not exactly what you need. For those who just want to plan their day or month, this service will not be very convenient or most of the functions will be unnecessary. Therefore, I can only recommend it to those who have a team with whom you can use the full potential of the StartUp.


Based on all the experience of using Todoist, we can safely say that this service is perfect for both personal use and the team. It is very easy to use, unlike the ClickUp, but it is also ubiquitous. The two main criteria for selecting a task manager are ease of use and broad integration. Todoist will allow you to integrate into literally everything, browsers, calendars, voice assistants and some project managers such as Jira. Todoist has an excellent AI integrated, which will significantly simplify the task setting and automate this process.

Who would benefit more, ClickUp vs Todoist.

Who is ClickUp For?

ClickUp is aimed at project management. This service is great for managing a multi-person team. The many tools that ClickUp includes are a universal solution for a team that can unlock the full potential of this service. The StartUp includes many functions: time planning, resource allocation, and progress monitoring. It is also suitable for educational purposes. The service will perfectly cope with the organization of the educational process, will help you track tasks, plan tasks and deadlines for their completion.

Who is Todoist For?

Todoist is, unlike clickup, more suitable for self-use. A convenient task board and a system that makes it easy to create them using AI will simplify your day or week planning so much that you will forget that you forgot something. Todoist is integrated into literally everything, phone, browser, watch, tablet, computer, which is one of the main advantages of the task manager. After all, if reminders do not come from everywhere, you will simply forget about them and miss something important.

The main advantages ClickUp and Todoist

ClickUp Pros

The Click Up service offers you many options for scaling projects. A huge set of functions and features. This makes him an excellent assistant in managing a team and large projects. It will also allow you to track and plan your tasks at a higher level, including the ability to create Gantt charts, link files, and use a wide range of automation mechanisms. The openness of integration is also a huge advantage of ClickUp, because the list of where you can integrate this task manager is simply huge, which will provide you with the opportunity to provide a flexible and compatible ecosystem. It will not limit you to one computer or a specific browser.

Todoist Pros

The service lures with its simplicity and user-friendly interface on all devices, which makes it quick to learn for both beginners and experienced users of such services. It is very easy to get started and does not require long training in using all the features. Todoist is perfectly integrated into literally everything: browser extensions, all kinds of devices on all operating systems and will allow you to monitor your tasks anywhere. The simplicity of Todoist focuses you on managing your task list and tracking their progress without unnecessary functions. This service will provide you with a wide range of interface customization in the free version and much more in the paid version.


ClickUp integration

The potential for integration into ClickUp is simply huge. You can import your tasks from other managers, as well as integrate many other services such as Jira, Grammarly, Google Services and hundreds more. Click Up supports integration into/from more than 1000 services. It is safe to say that everything you have used can be transferred to or from the StartUp wherever you need, which is one might say the hallmark of a good task manager.
The question may arise: how to find out from such a huge number of integrations in this list what you are using. The integration homepage includes a search for supported services.

ClickUp vs Todoist: ClickUp Integrations

Todoist integration

Todoist is also not inferior in integration capabilities, but there are fewer of them. The service can connect to more than 500 applications on its own, but if you link it to Zapier, you can increase this number to 5,000+ applications.


Both services are integrated into everything, you can use them on your PC, phone, watch and tablet and in an extension for your browser. Todoist And ClickUp are available on both Windows and Apple’s operating system.
As mentioned above, Todoist has a very simple interface, in which at first glance there is nothing, but if you look into it, you can find a lot of interesting features. However, ClickUp greets us with a lot of “plus” buttons to create tasks for what else is unclear. This may seem like a disadvantage to you, but all this can and should be used for competent project and team management. At the moment, ClickUp has most of all the available features of other services.
The Todoist mobile app is a great example of an intuitive interface. Perfectly implemented quick addition of tasks both manually and with the help of AI. There is a wide range of personalization options that ClickUp cannot boast of, however, Todoist is limited in teamwork, compared to ClickUp.


ClickUp has several price plans, starting with free and ending with a corporate one, which is available only on request. The basic free plan is perfect for personal use, but the paid ones are already more for teams. The basic free plan will provide an unlimited number of tasks and participants, two-factor authentication, storage of up to 100MB of data and real-time chat. Paid subscription options will significantly expand your functionality. A paid subscription starts at $7 dollars per month for the “Unlimited” plan and up to $12 per month for the “Business” plan.
A paid subscription will remove the restriction from your storage, integrate with other services, unlock Gantt charts and allow unlimited use of a smart AI assistant.
A wide range of price plans will not leave any group of users without attention. The free version is most suitable for personal use, while the paid ones are for the team.

ClickUp vs Todoist: ClickUp Pricing

Todoist has an equally flexible pricing set. The Beginner’s Kit (free) will allow you to manage tasks, create * a limited number of projects. Limited but still good customization of the interface.
The Pro plan is worth expanding the ways of your interaction with the service, increasing the number of projects available to you from 5 to 300 for $4 per month. There will be calendar reminders, unlimited activity history, and that nowadays an integral part of a task manager is an AI assistant.
The business plan will allow you to create a common space for all team members. It will provide Pro status to all team members, which will significantly expand the possibilities of use not only for you, but also for all project participants for $6 per month. The workspace will support up to 1000 participants and will be available to regulate roles and access rights for participants, which is a great way to regulate the rights of team members.

ClickUp vs Todoist: Todoist Pricing


4.4/5 on G2 Rating with 776 reviews.

4.6/5 and 261k reviews, 10M+ downloads in Google Play.

4.7/5 on G2 Rating with 9416 reviews.

3.9/5 and 12.6k reviews, 1M+ downloads in Google Play.


There are painfully many alternatives and I want to choose the best one. In addition to these services, I can also mention Notion as an excellent assistant for a creative person and many more available options in my post.