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Notion Review. Best Way to Organize Your Life 2023

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What is Notion?

This Notion review will tell you more about this service designed for task management and knowledge systematization. In the concept overview, you will see its use cases, functions, and even keyboard shortcuts. The concept has a huge potential, at first it may seem that there is nothing here, a couple of tables, pages and that’s it. However, your blank page with ideas is a blank for a masterpiece. It has a huge number of custom fields and a large number of views for the databases you have created.

Notion is a wide range of functions for organizing your workplace, data, or task list. To solve the problem of systematization in Notion, there are a huge number of solutions: pages on which databases, to-do lists, tables, citations, etc. can be placed.

Based on the experience of using this service, it is great for both individual users and groups. Schoolchildren and students will find many solutions for organizing tasks and schedules. You can perfectly organize not only this, but also training programs, diets and much more. In this article you will see the pros and cons of Notion, tariff plans and a couple of useful templates that we found on the Internet.

Notion Review: Homepage
Ideal for individual useIt may seem difficult for new users
A great tool for studyingNot always intuitive interface
Free version for students and teachersLimited free features
Using AI to improve the user experience

What can Notion do:

The main features of Notion:

  • There are 6 different database views. Table, Whiteboard, Calendar, Gallery, List, Timeline, but the table is selected by default.
  • A text editor. The Notion text editor supports formatting, lists, headings, quotes, and more. You can group blocks into sections and collapse them to make the page more convenient and structured. Text can be copied, moved, highlighted, and converted to other types of blocks.
  • Templates. Notion offers a set of templates for various types of documents and tasks, which makes it easier to get started. Notion has the ability to integrate other services, such as: Google, GitHub, Trello, etc. This allows you to track tasks and deadlines for their completion.
  • Collective work. Viewing for others (viewing modes – 4): Notion supports various viewing modes, including general viewing, read-only viewing, viewing with comments and viewing with editing rights. This allows you to control access to information and provides flexibility in working with a team or clients.
Notion Review: Drag&Drop
  • Content blocks. Notion is based on the concept of blocks. Each element on the page (text, image, link, and others) is a block. This makes content structuring very flexible.
  • Templates. Notion offers a set of templates for various types of documents and tasks, which makes it easier to get started.
Notion Review: Adding content
  • Built-in multimedia elements. You can embed images, videos, audio, tables and files into Notion pages.
  • Integration with other services. Notion has the ability to integrate other services, such as: Google, GitHub, Trello, etc. It allows you to track tasks and deadlines for their completion.

Mobile App


  • Notifications

The mobile app sends you notifications about the deadlines of your tasks and any other events that you have set a date for. Notifications exclude the influence of the human factor on the performance of tasks and will allow you to meet all deadlines.

  • Using the camera

The mobile application allows you to use the image from the camera. This will allow you to insert them into your pages and notes. This will help you visualize and complement your content with images.

  • Offline mode

In Notion, you can work offline. That allows you to work without an Internet connection with your notes. All changes will be synchronized automatically when the connection appears.

  • Gestures

The Notion mobile app allows you to interact with the content and the application using gestures.

  • Data synchronization

Data synchronization between your mobile device and other platforms where you use Notion. This will allow you to have a single space for storing and working with your information.

Proc & Cons


  • Universal features. This tool is a universal tool for managing information and tasks. Notion provides tools for creating and updating large sets of document types. They include notes, databases, projects, etc.
  • Real-time collaboration. Allows users to edit files. The changes are imaged simultaneously for both in real time. Each of the users will see all the changes in real time.
  • Flexible and customizable interface. Allows you to move and customize the appearance of documents, the position of blocks as you like. It is possible to change the colors of the text and the background of the text, fonts, move elements and many other functions.
Notion Review: Text editing
  • A large number of integrations. Notion works with many useful services: Abstract, Canvas, CodePen, Excalidraw, Facebook, Focus, Framer, Indify, Instagram, Invasion, GitHub Gist, GIPHY, Google Maps, LinkedIn, Look, Miro, Mixpanel, Pinterest, Reddit, Reply, Sketch , Streamlight, Slideshare, Spotify, Tableau, Tally, TikTok, Twitter, Typeform, Vimeo, Widgetbox, YouTube.
Notion Review: Integration
  • Mobile Application. There is also a mobile application, a small review of which is above.
  • Artificial intelligence. An excellent model that has both hot requests and can do what you write on request. It is great for work and functions perfectly.


  • Not always intuitive interface. Notion is like a blank canvas, you can do anything on it, but with enough skill and practice, which may seem too difficult for beginners.
  • Limited free features. The free version has the following limitations: limited file downloads. Also, the number of requests for artificial intelligence in the free version is limited and is not replenished after a while.


Notion Review: Pricing


The free data plan is great for a single user. In this regard, Notion provides you with a collaboration space that will allow participants in your workspace to access pages with detailed permissions (up to 10 guests). You will be able to send information from Notion to Slack and vice versa, you can also connect Zapier to automate your work processes (this will save you from routine tasks such as rewriting the same thing several times, etc.). You will be able to get information about who viewed your content and interacted with it.


In the plus plan, users will receive all the features of the free tariff plan. Also, this tariff plan offers additional features, such as improved control capabilities, by blocking only a certain part of the content on the page, it will also be possible to view and restore previous versions of all pages within 30 days from the date of change. That’s not all, plan plus expands the possibilities of cooperation with other users, you will be able to add other users to individual pages in your view (up to 100 invited users).


The business plan also provides all the features that the free and plus plans offer. Using this plan, you will be able to manage employee access using single sign-on. Also get information about users viewing and editing your content. Export your content immediately in PDF format, it is perfect for backup. Add users only to specific pages in your space. Also create command spaces that will not be visible to anyone except those you have added there.


The enterprise plan is a huge set of functions that provides the employer with the widest opportunities for management and interaction with the team. Get additional permission controls to prevent individuals from accessing the page from the outside and set up rules at the workspace level. Get access to the security log of your account to monitor security. And this is not the end of all the features of the Enterprise plan, you can find out more by contacting Notion support.

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Notion, a great tool for personal use that will help you organize your studies, work and life. It offers extensive job management capabilities. This service is perfect for personal use, as it provides a wide range of functions for organizing data in your work space and will perfectly help your business manage projects and not only.