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There are many players in the printer manufacturing industries who try to keep up with the latest technologies at possible minimal cost. Most of the brands have involved advanced technologies to take care of documentation needs of people. Multifunction Printers are latest additions to printers which integrates additional benefits including: scanner, photo copier, and fax machine with multiple other features as well. This computer peripheral has become an important part of office environment which is capable of printing human-readable representation of text or graphics on paper or similar physical media.

Brother industries manufacture a wide variety of printing devices for personal and official use. Brother printers are well-known for their fast, efficient, and high-quality performances irrespective of you are printing a colored or black & white document.

Epson has created a reputable reputation worldwide by creating, designing and delivering near to perfect quality multi-functional, Monochrome, and Color digital printers. To fulfil your document printing needs at office or home with rich print output, Canon is providing excellent solution for long.

Dell is the smart devices for producing remarkable quality print and they are easy to interact with. Dell provides affordable printing solutions and low cost of ownership without trading on the technical advancements and quality.

Lexmark printers are not only stylish looking, but also include plenty of features along with the convenience to use. They are the apt solutions for lots of office jobs and document printing and show great performance even you print in volumes.

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Techiessoftware provides technical assistance for computing device across the world through phone email and chat. Any use of names and trademarks is only for reference and in no way intended to suggest that Teciessoftware's services has any business association with these third-party product providers. If your product is covered by warranty, the support service maybe available for free from manufacturer.

We Provide Support for : -

Print spooler error

Scanner not working

Unable to set up wireless printer

Printer head and roller belt issues

Operating System Compatibility Issue

Paper Jam Issue and print quality issues

Problem in paper feeder or slow print speed

Not working due to drivers not supporting OS

Wireless or wired printer Connection problems

Networking Support for Printers (wired/wireless).

Connectivity issues with Wi-Fi and multiple devices

All types of printer driver installation and un-installation

Printer Installation and adding it into your computer or Laptop

Resolve all the printing issues like blank page, color printing etc

Printer Support

Fast, convenient and secure remote IT diagnostics and resolution - any issue, any device, anywhere!

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Highly skilled team is available at Techiessoftware to provide an effective remedy for entire issues related to printers. For fast, easy and affordable support, seek help from our certified experts anytime.

 We are provide Best Solution

 Computer issues caused by printer  

  Print quality issues  

 Update printer firmware 

 Printe error message 

Printer Troubleshooting

 Our certified and experienced techs will give you the comprehensive guide to your printer troubleshooting and other issues related to your Printer.  

 Optimizing your PC's speed and performance.  

 Wi-Fi Printing takes too long. 

Proposed Resolutions!

  Fixing All-in-One Printer Carriage Jams. 

 Network Printer Connection to Windows & Mac OS.  

 All-in-One Printer Troubleshooting. 

  Setup/Installation of All-in-One Printer. 

Printer Repair

 We have an unbelievable team of experienced printer repair service techs, so get in touch today and let us help you with all your printer repair needs.  

 Driver issues / Update Drivers  

 Resolve all the printing issues like blank page, color printing etc  

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. My printer is printing smudged/distorted pages?

When printing on untraditional paper your printer may experience smudges, un-even or crooked text, and/or text that runs off the edges of the paper. Your printer may be printing fuzzy, blurry, and/or other faint text because of dirty print heads. All modern printers have some type of printer cleaning, self-test, and/or diagnose mode that can be performed to check and clean the printers print heads and other internal equipment used to print.

2. How do I fix a paper jam?

Turn off the printer. Inspect the location or tray the printed paper ejects to. If the stuck paper is visible manually remove it. Remove all paper trays and any paper that may be stuck between the tray and the printer. If the stuck paper is visible manually remove it. Open the printer door that allows you access to the printer ink cartridges or toner and look for any stuck paper. If the stuck paper is visible manually remove it. Turn the printer back on.

3. I lost my printer installation disk, how can I install my printer?

Thankfully a missing printer installation disk or disc is not the end of the world and will not require you to wait until a new diskette or CD can be sent to you. Today all printer and other hardware manufacturers are providing downloads on the Internet to their software programs and drivers that are included with their products.

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