This document mentions detailed Terms & Conditions which makes the base of commitment between Techies Software Solutions INC. (“we”, “our”) and you (“visitor”, “customer”). You are requested to read this document to have a better understanding of our plans and processes. Your registration with the services of Techies Software Solutions INC. will be done only after you agree to all these terms and conditions.

Plans and Process

We offer various plans at all different prices to give the best value of money to the customers. The plans which we offer can be categorized as:

  • Per Incidence Plan
  • Annual Limited Plan
  • Annual Unlimited Plan

Once you select for the plan you would like to go for, you will be taken through the process of registration for the plan. After registration you will be required to pay for the plan. You need to enter the card details on our webpage which will be available only after registration. You can use a valid credit card to make the payment. None of the plans will renew automatically and renewal will be done only after your consent and approval. If the payment over our website doesn´t go through then you can even pay us by giving the card details over phone. You card details will nowhere be saved by us in our system. Charges for all the plans need to be paid in advance and only after that our tech team would be able to work on your computer and fix the issues. One subscription plan is valid only for one computer and this will be tracked by the MAC address of your computer. You need to pay again if you need help on a second computer. If you go for 3 computers or 7 computer bundle plan then you will get support for all computers which you would have registered with us while purchasing the multiple computer support plan.

Support Process

We provides dual method of support via phone or via remote control session over the internet. If you want to stay on the phone and follow verbal instruction by our tech support officer then you can ask for staying over the phone, else you can grant permission to us to get connected to your computer and work on it in front of you. Remote session control which we establish can only be done once you agree to it and allow for the same. Our remote session process and technicalities of the remote access tool doesn´t permit us to get connected to your computer without your permission.

We will only take control of the computer registered with us and we will not be responsible for other computers at your place. We will take every possible, genuine, and logical effort to fix your computer problem or to suggest you the next course of steps towards resolution. We will work on your computer over remote session in front of you and will keep on educating you about the steps being performed and will confirm the resolution at the closure of remote session or that particular call. Techies Software Solutions INC. under no circumstances will be responsible for any kind of loss of data if happens on your computer. You should not do any kind of major troubleshooting or changes on your computer without informing us till the time your computer is in warranty with us. We will not be responsible for any kind of problems that may occur while you make changes, installations, updates, etc. without informing Techies Software Solutions INC..

Elimination from the Services

Every plan which Techies Software Solutions INC. offers has a validity period, which commences from the date of registration. We will not provide support on to your computer after the validity of the plan has expired. We will not provide support if you make some modifications on your computer which were incompatible with the system, or if your computer system has suffered an electric shock or physical damage. In such cases we will not be able to help you on the broken system but will only be in a position to continue with support once you get the physical damage fixed or replace it with a new computer.