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Todoist Review 2023: Task Management Is Simple

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What is Todoist?

This Todoist review will be about task management services. With it, you will be able to organize competently organize your work and your employees. This service provides a single interface for managing tasks. With its help, you will be able to track both upcoming work and already completed, to visualize progress.

Todoist Review (Short)

Todoist is a task manager that will allow you to manage your time, your projects and your team using many different features, such as: creating tasks, drag drop, creating subtasks, team execution, commenting, time tracking and much more.
This service has both a free plan, with a reduced number of features, and paid options. The free plan is perfect for one user who needs to organize his day or time during a difficult period. The pro plan is suitable for small teams with a small number of projects that do not need a lot of functionality, however, the free plan will not be enough. A business plan is a universal solution for large teams and organizations.

It will allow you to manage a large number of projects at the same time, allows you to involve large teams and significantly improve your work. Next, see the detailed Todoist review.


Task Managment

Creating tasks with to-dos becomes an easy and enjoyable activity. Creating tasks and combining them into projects and subprojects will no longer seem such a difficult task. 

How to add task in Todoist

  1. Choose your workspace or create a new one.
  2. Add a new section where you will enter your tasks.
Todois Review: How to add task in Todoist

3. Press *Add task* button.

Todois Review: How to add task in Todoist

You can also create sub-tasks. Subtasks allow you to break large tasks into smaller ones. Such planning will allow you to complete your task much faster. After all, it is much easier to perform several easy and small tasks than one big and difficult one. To create sub-tasks, click on the desired task and click on the *Add sub-task* button.

Todois Review: How to add sub-tasks
  • Priority levels.

How to change task priority level

Click on the task whose priority level you want to change and on the right, as shown in the screenshot, select the priority level.

Todois Review: How to change priority level
  • Labels. Todoist allows you to add shortcuts to tasks, making it easier to navigate through your projects and sections.

How to create a label

Todois Review: How to create a label
  • Quick add. This is a built-in feature of todoist that will allow you to convert natural speech into task conditions when creating a task. With the help of a quick input, you can set the name and deadlines
Todois Review: How to auick add a task
  • Description and Comments. Comments and descriptions can be used to describe the technical performance of the task, for edits during execution and for notes on the task. In the comments, you can attach files, audio messages, emojis and extensions.
Todois Review: How to add comments, description
  • Drag-and-drop. With this feature, you will be able to reassign tasks without recreating them. Transfer them to other projects or distribute tasks between different employees.

How to drag-and-drop

To use this function, hold down the left button, click on the task you want to move and drag it to the desired section or project, then release, and the task will be moved.

Todois Review: Drag-and-drop
  • Cross-platform and offline-access. Todoist is a cross-platform service capable of working offline (After connecting to the network, all data is synchronized), which is available as an application on a computer (Windows and macOS), tablet (Android and iPadOS) and phone (Android and iOS), and in the web version. It is available on several operating systems: Windows and macOS.
  • Integration. Many different services are integrated into the functions, which expand the functionality and simplify your interaction with the service. Many applications can be integrated into Todoist, such as: Calendar (Google Calendar, etc.), browsers (Safari, Chrome, FireFox, etc.), Gmail, Outlook Android and others.
  • Themes and Customization. Todoist offers various color variations of the interface for every taste. There is not only a light and dark theme, but also various color variations. There are also two different ways to display the list of your tasks list and board. To change the display type, on the page of your workspace, in the upper right corner, click view and choose the best option for you.
Todois Review: Customization
Todois Review: Customization


Todoist has three different pricing plans:

  • Beginner

The Beginner plan does not require payment, it is free. It is perfect for people who have decided to organize their lives, bring a little order to their everyday life and become more productive. In this regard, there are no supernatural functions that are needed to manage a small business or an entire company, but there is everything you need for a knowledgeable Todoist user.

  • Pro

In the Pro plan, you can add 25 people for one project (unlike the free version – 5). This plan is specifically designed for the implementation of projects, to coordinate the work of many people. It is great for team leaders, whose priority is the competent organization of work and tracking of results.

  • Business

The Business plan is a universal solution that will provide you with a huge number of features that are not available in the free and pro plan. It add features such as working space for your team, an unlimited number of participants in your team and up to 250 people for one project. And up to 500 team projects.

Todois Review

Pros & Cons

User-friendly interface. There are few services that have broader functionality, but not every one of them can boast of it.Restrictions in the settings. There are not many variations for customization, and advanced users may not find enough of what is available at the moment.
The ability to work together. Create and work on projects together with your team. Delegate your tasks, leave comments, etc.Lack of Gantt Charts. Sometimes you may need a Gantt chart for project management, but you will not find it in Todoist and additional software may be needed to fix this.
Offline access. It provides the ability to work without a network connection. Work on the road or on vacation, and when a network connection appears, all changes are synchronized and progress will not be lost.
Loyal prices. Prices in comparison with other similar services are very loyal. This is one of the most inexpensive options on the market.
Todoist: Pros & Cons


Today there are a huge number of Todoist alternatives that can both make you happy and upset, we have tried to find the best alternatives that you could use to organize your life or work.

ClickUp AI is an excellent project management tool based on artificial intelligence, which, according to developers, increases efficiency and productivity.

In just a few seconds, he can summarize a large amount of information, including meeting minutes and comment topics. By doing this, you can save time, because there is no need to read a huge text and at the same time catch the essence of the conversation. In addition, the ClickUp AI can quickly extract actions and information from documents and tasks. This is your personal co-pilot.

TimeHero is an excellent AI—based task management platform that offers a more rational approach to planning your work and project administration.

This tool rationally uses your working time for efficiency when working on projects, depending on your availability, and not just when deadlines come. The TimeHero scheduling tool automatically updates data for each user (employee) in real time if there are any changes in the plan or in the execution conditions.

(AI Only Beta)Calendly is a tool that allows users to create free time slots in their calendar that other people can use to schedule meetings or consultations. Simplifying the process of scheduling and coordinating meetings, avoiding complex correspondence by email or phone is the main goal of Calendly.

Asana is a service for your daily routine and projects. The service allows you to work together. This tool is designed to organize project management and manage your time competently. Astana provides its own digital workspace where users go on a free float: create, assign and prioritize tasks, set deadlines and work in a team, which may also be a disadvantage for inexperienced users.

Kronologic is an online service for managing your calendar, which will help companies add labels to their calendars in real time and help plan the time for single-users. This service will be useful for both large companies and small businesses to reduce the time for scheduling meetings and calls. This software eliminates a lot of problems, including hiring workers to perform routine work.

Here is a top that we have specially selected, having studied all the available options that use AI to optimize your work.
There are also many options for various task management services. Here are our Top 6.

Todoist Review: Summary

Conclusion: Todoist is one of the huge number of task managers existing on the market, it provides opportunities for managing your projects. In my opinion (of the author), it has an intuitive interface, it is very pleasant to look at, there are customization options, and there is not much point in talking about functions, because the main functions of most task managers do not differ. In the market of such services, this is an excellent inexpensive option that will suit a diverse user, from one to the whole company.